In Memory Of


February 29, 2012 - Farewell to a Car Club Buddy. 

Bill Dawson - - - Treasurer of Chariots So Cal - - - passed away after suffering a heart attack on Wed. 2/22/2012 while driving to work. 

Bill joined the Chariots in 1999. Bill is survived by his wife Gail, his 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. Bill had a good sense of humor and was liked by all who knew him. He will truly be missed.


big jim

06 we lost Big Jim Wyatt a Chariots member.


In 07 we lost Dave and his side kick ZZ top.  Anyone have their full names and a pic of Daves 58 chevy Impala



Steve Bowen (passed away October 08)


Earl on the right with his cars.  Earl passed away March 22, 2009.  I will always remember his anwer when I said how are you doing today.  "I must be OK, I didnt smell the flowers or hear the organ music when I woke up"

See Earl on you tube

We are saddend to hear of the passing of long time car show buddies.  Kieth of Kieth and Mary, John Ford and Ron Smith of the Sultans we will miss you guys